I offer discounted rates to non-profits, do-good startups, and locally owned mom-and-pop shops. My services range as far as my skill set allows. Below are my specialties:

Copywriting – I write everything from fancy headlines and sexy descriptions to boring (but necessary) sweepstakes and legal disclaimers. Whether by print, web, or even by hand, (though my handwriting isn’t pretty,) I’m your man when it comes to the written word.

Proofreading/Editing – Do you love your existing copy and want it error free or to simply flow better? I can help with that.

Branding – Naming your company? Bringing a product line to life? Creating a logo or needing a logo refresh? These are business-critical decisions that require a lot of serious thinking and a dash of market research. You want your brand to be top-of-mind and give off that warm and fuzzy feeling, don’t you? Well then, let’s concept some ideas!

Interviews/Editorials – At the heart of every mission is a story; You provide the idea, I make it come to life.

Product Copy – Have minimal ad space and maximum inventory? I can help move your product in 30 words or less!

Advertising Campaigns – From conceptualization to conclusion, I know what it takes to make a campaign successful (one word: repetition). Whether you have a large budget or none at all, I can make your campaign click. Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to implement it? I’d love to hear it! Let me provide a strategy to make it come to life.

Marketing/Communications – Direct mail pieces, brochures, emails, etc. You need to be clear, you need to be consistent, and most importantly, you need to be compelling.

Press Releases – It’s not all fun and games, but press releases are necessary to convey your brand’s changes and direction globally, credibly, and on your own terms. This conventional method of communication isn’t going away — at least not yet — so let’s get started on legitimizing your big news!

Public Relations – It’s a dog-eat-dog world and your reputation is under constant public scrutiny. Whether your company’s image needs a minor facelift or an emergency makeover, I can promote everlasting, positive brand recognition for your organization.

Website Design – Want a website that won’t cost you a thousand dollars or a recurring monthly fee? Do you like this website? I can create a simple yet effective website (WordPress only!) to give your business a necessary digital presence.

I take pride in doing quality work with quick turnaround and providing complete transparency for my clients. If what you require (or desire) is beyond my skill set, I’ll happily help you track down the resources and/or people to make it happen, free of charge. You have my word.